Does Gps navigation Vehicle Tracking Equal ‘Big Brother?’

When individuals inquire about my company, I let them know, “My opportunity offers Gps navigation vehicle tracking systems.” Their response lets me know whether or not they are an worker or an entrepreneur.

The very first words from the mouth of the worker is: “Seems like ‘Big Brother’ in my experience.” Not again, not ‘Big Brother!’ Visions of mind-controlled drones working like slaves spring to mind plus they rapidly leave.

‘Big Brother?’ What’s wrong having a business monitoring their vehicles? Or ensuring their workers do what they are being compensated to complete? The master of these vehicles, anyway? Will the owner possess a to understand how they are getting used?

Now, don’t misunderstand me. In my opinion employees ought to be reliable and treated as adults. But, have you ever driven accommodations vehicle differently compared to vehicle you have, then you know the way an worker may mistreat a business vehicle.

Go ahead and take speeding worker, for instance. Employees who drive too quickly waste your gasoline, put on your vehicle prematurely and eventually, increase your insurance costs.

A Gps navigation vehicle tracking system can warn you if somebody exceeds your pre-set posted speed limit. It is your vehicle, your fuel as well as your insurance premium a tracking system can help you get back charge of them.

Who uses your vehicles after hrs as well as on weekends? Is definitely an worker making use of your vehicle to moonlight? Is he making use of your gas to maneuver his brother-in-law right into a new apartment? You know should you use a Gps navigation vehicle tracking device inside your vehicles.

How can you verify overtime claims? You may can verify the job ended, however when? Having a Gps navigation tracking system, you are able to mix-check an automobile’s location using the time it had been there.

Have you been enticed to consider a long lunch hour? Think the employees may be enticed, particularly if they are from the boss’s sight? A Gps navigation tracking system records how lengthy each vehicle remains at one location utilize it to ensure that they’re honest.

Another advantage of Gps navigation vehicle tracking systems: you may never make another telephone call to discover where the employees are–you can easily look into the spotlight displayed on your pc screen. Also, your Gps navigation tracking system will help remind you when you’re ready to rotate tires, change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance. And, many insurance providers offer discounts as high as 30% for vehicles protected with Gps navigation tracking systems.

The worker also benefits when their company vehicle is outfitted having a Gps navigation vehicle tracking system.

Hands-written driver logs are substituted for data in the tracking system.

Using info in the gps navigation tracking system, each employee’s productivity could be quantified and compared a worker’s performance could be more fairly measured.

Your dispatcher look on the monitor and look for all of your vehicles immediately.

Customers also take advantage of Gps navigation vehicle tracking systems. Companies can offer precise arrival or delivery estimates, since the estimate relies upon the particular location from the tracking device-outfitted vehicle right now they call. If your customer questions whenever your worker showed up or left –prove it for them using data out of your tracking system.

Still think Gps navigation tracking systems are tools of ‘Big Brother?’ I suppose this will depend upon your perspective.

The idea of ‘Big Brother’ never pops up with business proprietors. The company owner will say: “How can tracking my vehicles help my company earn more money?” They would like to understand what Gps navigation vehicle tracking can perform on their behalf.