A Few Factors That Will Determine Your Car Shipping Cost

While moving to a different city, your main concern will be how to send your car or cars to the new destination. If you choose to drive them to your new location then it will not only be risky, but expensive too.

So, the best choice that you have is to contact a reputed car shipping company like Ship a Car, Inc. and move your car safely at an affordable cost. Now the question is that are various factors that will decide the cost of shipping your car.

Let us discuss all these in the subsequent paragraphs.

  • Distance to be covered

The distance from the starting point to the endpoint is going to be the primary factor that will decide your shipping cost. More the distance, the cost will also increase proportionately.

Though the price/mile may go down with distance, however, the overall quote will be higher.

  • Length of your car

For longer cars, the transporter is going to charge you more because the transporter will not be able to accommodate more number of cars in the same trailer.

For a smaller car, the transporter will spend the same amount of fuel for transporting more number of cars.

  • Height of your car

Almost the same logic will also be applicable if the height of your car is more. The transporter will compensate for their loss of revenue for carrying less number of cars in their trailer and they will charge more for shipping your car with more height.

  • Vehicle ground clearance

No car transporter will prefer to face damage claims at the end of delivery, as many of them do not have enough insurance.  Therefore, if your vehicle has lower ground clearance, then it is more likely to damage, particularly in open transport hence they will charge more.

  • Vehicle curb weight

It is quite obvious that freight charges will always increase if the weight is more. Based on the same logic, if your car is having more weight, then it will also drag more fuel for transporting and hence accordingly the price will also be higher.

  • Condition of your vehicle

If your car is in operational condition then you will save $150, as during the transportation of your car, the shipping company people can easily drive your car if needed. Often they need to reposition the car during loading /unloading.

For non-running cars, they need to handle with wench.

  • Whether you prefer open transportation or enclose transportation

The majority of car shipments usually go to open transport, which is also the most cost-effective way of transporting vehicles. However, if you prefer extra protection of your car then you can prefer enclosed transportation by paying 40 to 50 percent higher cost.

  • Seasonal fluctuation

The seasonal fluctuations can also affect your car shipping cost, particularly during snow season. Moving to warmer states may cost less, but cars shipped from Florida to northern states will attract higher price.

  • Shipping location

If your destination location is in a highly-populated area, then there will be some fluctuation in the shipping cost.